EBGP Workshops

Ballet and Contemporary Dance Workshops:
at dancearts studios, Rennweg 79-81, 1030 Vienna /studios are open starting 8.00 am

The workshops will take place on the 4th of February 2020.
Attending workshops is highly suggested, as it gives the unique opportunity to work with famous and experienced artists.
The schedule of the workshops is published on the EBGP homepage.
Registration and payment for all the workshops has to be done in advance together with the registration for the competition.

EBGP does not overtake any responsibility for the loss of valuables and personal belongings!
No food and soft drinks are allowed in the studios, smoking and alcohol is prohibited in the whole building.
No teachers or family members are allowed to watch.
Participation is on own risk and own insurance.
There will be no lockers available, valuables can be taken in class (put aside).
Showers available.

Workshops on 4th of February 2020 

Schedule for the Workshops                                                                                                    

Workshop fee: 30,-€/unit

Teachers will be jury members, founders or professionals the teachers’ names for each workshop will be published on the workshop day.