5th edition EBGP 2022 Rules and Regulations

EBGP welcomes students and dancers of all nationalities with ages between 7 and 26 years.

Online  Registration

Participants have to register on and pay by Paypal.

The online registration will be open between December 13th, 2021 to January 16th, 2022 latest.  

By subscribing to the EBGP competition, all participants accept the official rules and regulations of the EBGP. 


With the application, all participants agree to leave all rights to the organizers of the EBGP (“Renaissdance”) for free. This concerns, in particular, all during workshops and competition film and photography, as well as the transferable and in every respect unlimited use rights and as often as desired use, which also includes media (e.g., television broadcasts, online, on-demand – services) and other interactive uses. “Renaissdance” reserves the right to transfer the usage rights to third parties in part or in whole.

Declining registrations

EBGP reserves the right to decline registrations.


The videos may not be older than January 2021.

Video requirements:

File format in MP4, with a high resolution and good quality of sound.
The filming is requested at a horizontal angle and from the front.
The Video must be sent without editing.
*The whole piece has to be done in one take, and no music shall be added later into the video.
The video shall not include any pieces of advertising.

The videos can be recorded in a ballet studio or on the stage, in costume or rehearsal dress.

All videos have to be submitted in the Online Registration Form with a link from WeTransfer, in an MP4 format. 

Each name of the video file has to contain the following information exactly in the order mentioned below:

  • Name of Participant
  • Title of Piece
  • Professional or Non-Professional Category
  • Age Group, Classical or Contemporary Dance
  • Running Time


Participants of EBGP are going to compete in 1 round.


Participants/Teachers have the right to choose between the Professional or Non-Professional Category.

Professional category

  • Classical Solo, Contemporary Solo, Classical Pas de Deux, Classical Duo, Contemporary Duo, Small-Group and Big Group in Ballet and/or Contemporary Dance

Non-Professional category

  • Classical Solo, Contemporary Solo, Classical Pas de Deux, Classical Duo, Contemporary Duo, Small-Group and Big Group in Ballet and/or Contemporary Dance

Age Category and Age Restriction Explanation

The registration in each category is determined by the age of each participant on January 16th, 2022.

  • Minis: 7-9 years old 
  • Kids: 10-12 years old 
  • Teens: 13-15 years old   
  • Juniors: 16-18 years old 
  • Seniors: 19-26 years old               

All participants of the age group „Minis“ are allowed to participate in the “Non-Professional Category” only.

The correct age group for Classical Duo, Modern / Contemporary Duo, Small group, and Big group is defined by the age of the eldest participant of the group.

EBGP  is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate information submitted in the online registration  form.

Repertory Choice

The choice of everyclassical and contemporary dance piece is free for every participant.

We highly recommend choosing age-appropriate choreography.

Participants/their teachers are responsible for all of their choreography and music copyrights.

* Neo-classical works strictly belong to the Classical category.
* Classical Pas de deux have to include Adagio, Variations and Coda.

The number of the pieces

Every participant is welcome to compete with a maximum of two pieces in each dance category. 

Time Limits

Time limit refers to the running time of the performance itself.

  • Classical Variations, Neo-classical works, and Contemporary Dance Solos: max. 2:40 min. 
  • Classical Pas de deux: (Adagio, Male Variation, Female Variation, Coda) in original length.
  • Classical Duo, Contemporary Dance Duo: max. 3:00 min.
  • Small-Group: Maximum 3:30 min.
  • Big Group: Maximum 4:00 min.

If the length of the piece is longer than the allowed time limits, the piece will be disqualified.


Competition fee (including workshops) for both Professional and Non-Professional categories:                            

  • Solo: €90,-
  • Classical Pas de deux: €85,- per dancer
  • Classical, Modern / Contemporary Dance Duo: €75,- per dancer
  • Small Group, 3-5 dancers: € 60,- per dancer
  • Big Group, 6 + dancers: € 45,- per dancer

It is the participant’s responsibility to transfer the correct amount of the competition fee. 

Registrations will be approved by EBGP after the payment has been completed. 

Refunds of the competition fee will not be possible.

Scoring System

The scoring system is based on a 100-points system and considers each participant’s artistry, technical skills, and potential. The total score for the participant is the average of all the judges´ scores.

If a participant competes with two pieces in one dance category, each piece will be evaluated individually. 

In the categories with more than one participant, the evaluation will be made for the whole group.

The jury vote is not negotiable.

The results will be made official at the end of the competition.                                                                                               
The names of the winners will be announced on our homepage http://ebgp.info and Social Media Platforms.

Copyrights of music & choreography

Participants / their teachers are responsible for all the copyrights of music and the choreography of the dance pieces they perform.


Participation at the Online Workshops is for free. The schedule of the workshops & the access link will be provided to all participants.

Media clause

EBGP reserves the right for promotional purposes to use any photo or video recording of participants’ performances during the Competition, Workshops, and Online Charity Awards Gala for unlimited time.

EBGP reserves the right to transfer the usage of rights to third parties in part or whole.


All the participants have the chance to receive scholarships, invitations to Summer Schools or auditions in different ballet schools or ballet companies.



Participants care for their health insurance by themselves; EBGP does not overtake any responsibility; Participants will perform at their own risk and will not make any claim against EBGP or the association RenaissDance in case of injury. Adults (parents or teachers) have to overtake responsibility for the behavior or damage provoked by children under 18 years old.


Please be aware that changes may occur!