Rules and Regulations

EBGP welcomes students and dancers aged 7-26 from around the world. 

The EBGP Competition takes place in one round. The best participants will be able to perform in the EBGP Charity Awards Gala, which will have a generous length, allowing a considerable number of dancers to perform. The jury will choose the dancers to perform at the EBGP Charity Awards Gala.

Regarding COVID-19 safety instructions, we follow all the guidelines imposed by the Austrian government. 

By subscribing to the EBGP competition, all participants accept the official rules and regulations of the EBGP.


With the Registration form, the participants agree to transfer with no extra charge to the organization of the EBGP (“Renaissdance Association”) the audio, photo, and video material produced during the competition, starting on February 6th (workshop day) and ending on February 9th, 2024.

It includes photos and videos, as well as transferable and, in every respect, unlimited use rights and as often as desired. It also has media (e.g., television broadcasts, online, on-demand – services) and other interactive uses. “Renaissdance Association” reserves the right to transfer the usage rights to third parties in part or in whole.


Participants care for their health insurance by themselves; EBGP does not overtake any responsibility; Participants will perform at their own risk and will not make any claim against EBGP or the association Renaissance in case of injury. Adults (parents or teachers) have to overtake responsibility for the behavior or damage provoked by children under 18 years old.

All participants accept the rules and regulations of EBGP!

Online – Registration at the Inscription Portal:

There is max. five pieces allowed to register for the competition in each category.

Registration on EBGP portal:  

The inscription portal will be open on October 1st, 2023, and close by December  31st, 2023.  

EBGP reserves the right to restrict the number of participants before December 31st, 2023.

Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

EBGP reserves the right to decline registrations.

EBGP participants will compete in one round that will take place on February 7th-9th, 2024.
The Competition venue is at Das MuTh Konzertsaal (Am Augartenspitz 1, 1020 Vienna).


Teachers/Coaches can choose between a Professional and Non-Professional Category for their students.

Professional Category:

In the Professional Category, you can compete in:

Classical Solo, Contemporary Solo, Classical Pas de Deux, Classical Duo, Contemporary Duo, Small Group, Big Group in Ballet, and Contemporary Dance.


In the Non-Professional Category, you can compete in the following directions:

Classical Solo, Contemporary Solo, Open Solo, Classical Pas de Deux, Classical Duo, Contemporary Duo, Open Duo, Small Group, Big Group in Ballet, and Contemporary Dance.

Age Category and Age Restriction:

To fit the participant’s age in the proper category correctly by February 7th, 2024, please check the information below:

                     ° Minis: 7-9 years old (born between Feb 8th, 2014, and Feb 7th, 2017)

                     ° Kids: 10-12 years old (born between Feb 8th, 2011, and Feb 7th, 2014)

                     ° Teens: 13-15 years old (born between Feb 8th, 2008, and Feb 7th, 2011)

                     ° Juniors: 16-18 years old (born between Feb 8th, 2005, and Feb 7th, 2008)

                     ° Seniors: 19-26 years old (born between Feb 8th, 1997, and Feb 7th, 2005)

All ” Minis ” age group participants can only participate in the “Non-Professional Category” category.

Only participants from the Junior and Senior categories are allowed in the Classical Pas de Deux category. 

The correct age registration for the participants in the group pieces – Contemporary Duo, Small Group, and Big Group – is defined by the age of the eldest participant of the group.

Repertoire Choice

The classical, contemporary, and open dance repertoire is the free choice of every participant (or their teachers). We highly recommend choosing a dance piece with age-appropriate choreography. Participants/their teachers are responsible for all their choreography and music copyrights.

* Neo-classical works belong strictly to the Classical category.

* Classical Pas de deux must include Adagio, Variations, and Coda.

EBGP is not responsible for inaccurate information submitted in the online registration form.


The registration fee is € 120.- for each participant.

Competition fee for both Professional and Non-Professional categories:         

                           ° Each Solo Ballet/Contemporary/Open Dance: € 100.-

                           ° Classical Pas de deux: € 150.- per dancer

                           ° Classical/Contemporary/Open Duo: € 100.- per dancer

                           ° Small Group, 3-5 dancers: € 75.- per dancer

                           ° Big Group, 6+ dancers: € 50.- per dancer

Participation fee for the Workshops: € 35.- per unit (90 Min.)

Money transfer fee for participants from outside the European Monetary Union: + € 15.-

It is the participant’s responsibility to transfer the correct amount according to this list.

Registrations can be approved by EBGP and confirmed by email after the complete payment has been received. 

Competition Entrance Fee:

(For watching the entire competition, able to go in and out anytime, not valid for Charity Awards Gala)

                               Entrance for all participants is free of charge:

                               Children: 4-10 years free of charge

                               Juniors: 11-15 years €10.- per day

                               Seniors: 16 years and older €25.- per day

Competitors can watch the whole competition without extra charge by showing their participant ID card.

Audience day passes, and backstage passes are not valid to watch the “Charity Awards Gala.” Tickets for this Gala must be bought separately.

Payment conditions:

Signed-in dancers and dances will be confirmed by EBGP after the total amount of payment has arrived in the bank account of “Renaissdance” Bank Austria,

IBAN: AT75 12000 51516011384     BIC: BKAUATWW

All citizens of the European Monetary Union have to send the whole amount as an “Inner European Moneytransfer” to reduce bank charges. Otherwise, your inscription can not be accepted. Due to the bank charges, all the participants from overseas (e.g.US, Japan, outside the EU) have to add € 15 to each money transfer.

• Group payment:

To have €15 bank charges per school, we advise teachers to make the money transfer for their participating students simultaneously.

In this case, mailing a list containing each participant’s name, titles of dance pieces, and types of categories to is compulsory.

Time Limits:

Classical Variations and Contemporary Dance Solos: max. 2:30 

Classical Pas de deux (Adagio, Male Variation, Female Variation, Coda: original length)

Duo Classical / Contemporary Dance: max. 3:30

Small Group: max. 4:00 min

Big Group: max. 4:30 min

Scoring and Evaluation:

The scoring system is based on a 100-point system and includes points for each participant’s artistry, technical skills, and potential. The total score for the participant is the average of all the judges´ scores.

In the category, Classical Pas de deux and Duo dancers will be evaluated together as a couple. In all the other Group categories, dancers will be considered and assessed as a group.

The jury vote takes place simultaneously and can not be negotiated.

The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.  The ranking of the participants in each category will be available online by the end of the competition. 

Eligibility for the EBGP Prizes

The best participants in each category will receive prizes. If one participant competes with more pieces in one category, the piece with the best scoring will be eligible for an award. 


The size of the stage is 12 x 12,5 m


No props are allowed.


All the competitors will use the same light setting during the whole competition. 

Stage rehearsals

The competitors will have an open stage rehearsal for at least 15 min. 


Participants / their teachers are responsible for all their music copyright negotiations.

All music has to be submitted by email in an MP3 format to latest on January 25th, 2024. After this deadline, a processing fee of 50€ will be charged.

The Name of the Participant(s) and ID number should be in the subject line of each email.

ID Nr, Title of Piece, Professional or Non-Professional, Category, Age Group, Classical or Contemporary Dance, Running Time, and “Music or Pose” need to be informed in the text.

Each participant and/or representative must keep a backup CD or a USB available. Participants must notify the sound technician or EBGP backstage manager of any irregularities in the music (pauses, sudden volume changes, etc.) in advance.


Refunds are only issued in case of illness or injury confirmed by a doctor’s certificate before the 7th of February, 2024. In this case, 30% of the total paid fee will be refunded.


During the competition, teachers/coaches cannot give instructions or signs to their students/participants from the edge of the stage.

Time management

Teachers / Coaches are responsible for that participants are ready for the stage entrance 45 minutes in advance.


The schedule of the workshops will be published on the EBGP homepage.

Payment for workshops has to be done in advance. (Limited number of places!)

Interested participants transfer the money together with the inscription payment.

Parents and teachers are not permitted to observe the workshops.

Participation fee for the Workshops: € 35.- per unit (90 Min.)

The places per class are limited to 18 participants for maximum benefit on the first-sign, first-serve.

The check-in for the workshops and competition will be open at the MOVE ON reception desk (Neubaugasse12-14, 1070 Vienna) on February 6th, 2024

The competition check-in will be open on the 7th and 8th of February 2024 in MuTh Theater.

Renaissdance does not overtake any responsibility for losing valuables and personal belongings!

No food and soft drinks are allowed in the studios, and smoking and alcohol are prohibited throughout the building.

Backstage Passes:

All the participants are allowed to enter the “Back Stage Area” and the “Dressing Room Area” by showing their Back Stage Passes.

Please note that the Back Stage Pass is valid only for this specific person, who is inscribed as the participant on the registration form. All Passes will be handed out in the welcome bag at the Workshop check – on February 6th, 2024, as well as on the 1st and 2nd day of competition (desk at MuTh, entrance hall)

Backstage Passes to accompany participants will be issued as follows:

                            1-10 participants of one school – 1 Pass for free

                            11-20 participants of one school – 2 Passes for free

                            21-30 participants of one school – 3 Passes for free

Backstage passes allow the teacher, parent, or person accompanying the participant to access the backstage area and changing room, starting 90 minutes before the participant´s category competition time and ending 30 minutes later. 


The winners of all categories will be announced on the last day of the competition, February 9th, 2024. 

The winners will receive a certificate.

Here is the list of the prizes that can be won at EBGP 2024

Please be aware that changes may occur!