European Ballet Grand Prix has as partners the institutions and individuals who share the same values, in building a healthy and prosperous international community. Here you will find more information about our collaboration.

Sharing knowledge and experience with others through artistic or pedagogical partnerships keeps oneself updated and involved in the learning and teaching processes and improves performing skills. We continue to learn at all ages, keeping our bodies and minds alive. We consider that continuous learning is the best way to have a meaningful and joyful existence.

Over the years, European Ballet Grand Prix developed valuable partnerships in using collaborative spaces for creativity and top performance, and gained loyal partners, such as with:

Fanny Elßler Society (Austria)

The FANNY ELSSLER SOCIETY was founded in 2014. Its main goal is “to help Fanny Elßler’s work gain greater attention and significance, to bring her work to life and to bring it back into the public consciousness.”
This goal is to be achieved with:
the production of dance events that give insight into Elßler’s complete works,
the reconstruction of her historical dances, some of which are thought to have been lost,
the own production: “Fanny meets Modern Dance.”
With European Ballet Grand Prix among partners, Fanny Elßler Society organizes public lectures, meetings, discussions, readings, and social gatherings, aiming to address the broadest possible audience and encourage them to engage with Fanny Elßler’s work. The “FANNY ELSSLER SOCIETY” is open to all persons interested in the creation and person of Fanny Elßler in the narrower sense and ballet in the broader sense.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Marianne Berlakovich, the president of the Fanny Elßler Society, at the email:


The Cultural Foundation Simona Noja, based in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania, Europe, was founded by Simona Noja in 2002 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Since its beginnings in 2002, the foundation has provided a broad coverage of education through dance culture, supporting hundreds of young Romanian dancers on the path of becoming professional dancers and assisting dance teachers, choreographers, and mentors in their personal and artistic development. Through all the activities of the last 20 years of existence, festivals, masterclasses, workshops, performances, book presentations, lectures, conferences, or symposiums, the foundation embraced the vision of promoting the values, as Mrs. Noja has personally named them: “I am looking forward to sharing understanding and responsibility, commitment to excellence aligned with individual freedom, and an open and receptive mindset. I am grateful for everyone’s contributions in joining us for building a healthy and successful dance community for the future.”