FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when does the European Ballet Grand Prix – EBGP – take place?
 – The 5th edition of EBGP will take place online on February 10-13, 2022.

 – The workshops of this edition will take place via ZOOM. The schedule will be posted shortly before the beginning of the competition.

Online Competition
 – The Online Competition takes place on February 10-13, 2022. The registration will be open from December 13, 2021, to January 16, 2022.

EBGP Charity Awards Gala 
 – The Charity Awards Gala of the 5th edition of the EBGP competition will be presented online with the competition winners.

How can I register myself and my dances?
 – You can sign in online at: http://ebgp.info.
The procedure of the online registration: fill in the answers to all the questions of the Registration Form; submit the required documents; add the link to your video performance(s) from WeTransfer

How are the requests for the Video Performance?
 – The videos may not be older than January 2021.
 – The Video File format is in MP4, with a high resolution and good quality of sound.
 – The filming is requested at a horizontal angle and from the front.
 – The Video must be sent without editing.
*The whole piece has to be done in one take, and no music shall be added later into the Video.
 – TheVideoo shall not include any piece of advertisment.
 – The videos can be recorded in a ballet studio or on the stage, with dancers in costume or rehearsal dress.

All videos have to be submitted to the Online Registration Form with a link from WeTransfer, in an MP4 format. 

Each name of the video file has to contain the following information exactly in the order mentioned below:

  1. Name of Participant

  2. Title of Piece

  3. Professional or Non-Professional Category

  4. Age Group, Classical or Contemporary Dance

  5. Running Time

When does registration start and end?
 – The registration starts on December 13, 2021, and ends on January 16, 2022.

How many dance pieces may I register?
 – There is a maximum of 2 dance pieces in each dance category you can register.
EBGP wants to emphasize the fact that quality is more important than quantity.
EBGP has the right not to accept every registration at its discretion.

How shall I pay?
 – The payment should occur via PayPal on the Registration Form.

How do I know my registration and my dances are confirmed?
 – After completing the registration, you will receive a confirmation Email within 7 days. (Please contact us if you do not receive it.)

Is the attendance of Workshops mandatory?
 – No, it is not, but the attendance of workshops is a unique opportunity to work with famous and experienced guest teachers and gives the participants more time together. Participation at the workshops does not influence the EBGP competition results.

Is the participation fee for Workshops included in the competition fee?
 – Yes, it is.

How can I inscribe for Workshops?
 – You can inscribe by filling out the registration form where you can choose the workshop fitting your age.

What is the “Contemporary Dance” Category?
 – In the Contemporary Dance category, each participant selects a piece that shows their strength as a contemporary dancer (please avoid hip hop, breakdance, etc.)  You may choose any music except lyrics that are derogatory or inappropriate. Please note that dancers (age older than 18), students´ parents, and teachers are responsible for all the copyrights.

Do I need to enter both the Classical and Contemporary categories? 
 – No. It is not compulsory to perform in both categories.

How do I pass to the finals? 
 – For the 5th edition of the EBGP, the competition takes place only in one round.

Can the General Public watch the Competition? 
 – Yes, of course. The videos with all the dances from each category will be online.

May the General Public or Teachers watch the Workshops?
 – The link to the Online Workshops is only for the participants.

Where can I buy tickets for the “5th Edition of Charity Awards Gala”? 
 – The access to Online Charity Awards Gala is free of charge.

What type of costume should I wear on stage?
 – For the Online EBGP Competition, each participant may choose between a rehearsal dress or a performance costume. In both cases, please select an outfit that fits the choreography you are dancing in.
The EBGP Jury does not deduct points for the dance costumes.

What do I need to put on for the Workshops?
 – For classical training, we suggest the following dress code for the ladies: tights, black leotards, dancing softshoes, for the boys: black tights, white T-Shirt, white socks, white dancing softshoes.
For contemporary dance training, you might add black pants and socks. 

We hope the FAQs have been helpful to you. If you have still questions for us, feel free to contact us by email.