FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when does the EBGP take place?
Workshops: February 4th 2020, dancearts studios, Rennweg 79-81, 1030 Vienna, www.dancearts.at
Competition: February 5-7th 2020, MuTh Theater, Am Augartenspitz 1, 1020 Vienna, www.muth.at
EBGP Charity Awards Gala: February 7th 2020, 19:00 at “MuTh”, Am Augartenspitz 1, 1020 Vienna
February 8th 2020, 17:00 at “Mahen Theatre” Malinovského nám. 1, 657 70 Brno Czech Republic

How can I register myself and my dances?
You can sign in online at: http://ebgp-registration.com/
This is the procedure:
1.) Download, print, fill in, sign and scan the Release Agreement from bellow
2.) Start the Registration Form
3.) Upload the Release Agreement
4.) Proceed the payment in order to complete the registration
5.) After you submitted the registration you will receive an automatic confirmation mail of your participation

If you need any changes after you have confirmed your registration form, contact us: office@ebgp.info

When does registration start and end?
The registration starts on November 5th 2019 and will end on December 22nd 2019 latest.

How many dance pieces may I inscribe to perform?
There are maximum 3 dance pieces in each category you can register.
EBGP wants to emphasize the fact, that quality is more important than quantity.
EBGP has the right not to accept every registration at its discretion.

How shall I pay?
Signed in dancers and dances will be confirmed by EBGP after full amount of payment has arrived on bank account of “Renaissdance”, Bank Austria, IBAN: AT75 12000 51516011384     BIC: BKAUATWW

How do I know my registration and my dances are confirmed?
After you submitted the registration you will receive an automatic confirmation mail of your participation. Please check also your spam folder.

When and where shall I send my music?
After closing the registration on Decenber 22nd 2019, we will send your ID-Number, afterwards all the music has to be submitted by email as MP3 format with your ID-Number to music@ebgp.info

What form should my music be in?   
Every email should contain the following information:
Name of Participant, ID Nr, Competition Category, Title of Piece, Running Time, “Music first” or “Pose first”  to be informed in the text.(Example.: ID Nr. 229, Professional, Ballet, Senior, Solo, “Variation from Swan Lake”, 2:28, Pose first)
Music must be sent by January 19th 2020 latest. After this deadline, a processing fee of 50€ will be charged.

How does the stage look like?
Stage measurement is approx 12×9 m. Entrance to stage from both sides possible.
All participants will have the same light settings.

Where and when do I check-in?
You may check in either on February 4th 2020 at dancearts, Rennweg 79-81, 1030 Vienna from 7:30 till 17:00 or
from February 5th 2020 at Muth, Am Augartenspitz 1, 1020 Vienna starting from 8.00 am. The registration desk will be in the entrance hall.

Where do I get my ID-patches for the workshops?
ID – numbers will be in your welcome-bag, which will be handed out to you at the dancearts or MuTh- check-in.

Is the attendance of Workshops mandatory?
No, it is not, but the attendance of workshops is a unique opportunity to work with famous and experienced jury members and guest teachers and gives you more time to present yourself. The participation itself has no influence on the EBGP competition results.

Is the participation fee for Workshops included in the competition fee?
No, it is not. The fee per workshop is €30.- per 90min.

How can I inscribe for Workshops?
You can inscribe by filling out the registration form where you can choose the workshop fitting your age.

What is the “Contemporary Dance” Category?
The Contemporay Dance category should be seen as a category where the participant selects a piece that shows off her/his strength as a contemporary dancer (please avoid hip hop, break dance etc.)  You may select any type of music with the exception of lyrics that are derogatory or inappropriate. Please note that dancers (18+), student´s parents and teachers are responsible for all copyrights.

Do I need to enter both Classical and Contemporary category?
No! It is not compulsory to perform in both categories, but there will be some awards or prizes given to those participants, who participate in both categories.

How do I pass to the finals? 
The number of finalists is limited. The jury will decide the exact amount of finalists and the name list of them will be published at the end of the 1st round on our website www.ebgp.info and on facebook.

Can the General Public watch the Competition?
Yes, of course! They may come to watch and give support.
Competitors are allowed to watch the competition without extra charge.

May the General Public or Teachers watch the Workshops?
No, sorry, they may not.

Who is allowed to enter the Backstage Area?
All participants are allowed to enter Back Stage and to the Dressing Room area by showing their Backstage Pass (90 minutes before they perform and 30 minutes after they finish)
Please notice, that the participant, who is named on the participants’ registration form, will get a Backstage Pass for free at the check-in desk. A limited amount of aditional passes (e.g. for accompanying teachers) can be ordered at the time of inscription in advance and will be also handed out in your welcome-bag at the check-in desk.

Where can I buy tickets for the “Charity Awards Gala” on February 7th, 2020 in Vienna?
Tickets are sold at the cash desk of MuTh, or online at http://www.muth.at/ or on http://www.oeticket.com/.
Please notice that there is no free entrance for participants/teachers for the Charity Awards Gala.

Where can I buy tickets for the “Charity Awards Gala” on February 8th, 2020 in Brno?
Tickets are sold at the cash desk of Mahen Theatre, or online at  http://www.ndbrno.cz/box-office .
Please notice that there is no free entrance for participants/teachers for the Charity Awards Gala.

Do I have to have the music as backup with me as well?
Yes, a backup CD must be kept available at all times by each participant and/or her/his representative.
Participants must notify the stage manager about any irregularities in the music (e.g. pauses, sudden volume changes, etc.).

What type of costume should I wear on stage?
For the stage appearance, please choose a costume which fits the choreography you are dancing.
The EBGP Jury does not deduct points for dance costumes.

What do I need to put on for the Workshops?
For classical training, we suggest the following dress code for the ladies: tights, black leotard, dancing softshoes, for the boys: black tights, white T-Shirt, white socks, white dancing softshoes.
For contemporary dance training dress code for everbody: the same as for classical dance training.
Please add black pants and take into consideration that you might need to remove the shoes – as part of the training might be bare foot.