Building Ballet Community

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Building Ballet Community Strong for Dancer, Student, and Teacher is a fundraising campaign to support the ballet community worldwide, initiated by the Viennese Nonprofit Association RenaissDance. RenaissDance Association is hosting the international ballet competition in Vienna: European Ballet Grand Prix (EBGP Ballet Competition) and the Charity Project Hand in Hand, initiated in 2017 by former principal dancer Simona Noja and soloist dancer Boris Nebyla from Vienna State Opera Ballet. While the competition’s purpose is to discover young talents, our charity projects’ role is to support the further artistic development of the learned skills. The more continuity we offer young dancers and teachers through our support, the more sustainable our help becomes. We have provided students with short-term scholarships, such as Summer Programs or internships in ballet schools or companies. We have also organized a Charity Gala to support the children in Ukraine. We realized that we should also aim to support not only ballet students but their teachers as well. Improving learning skills is paired with teaching skills, and only if they fit together do they have the right impact on personal and artistic development. Our vision to create a strong ballet community must include a collaborative platform between ballet students, parents, teachers and donors, and sponsors on the other side. To increase our capacity to help and become more sustainable in creating the right match between the challenges and our networking support, we need to create a passionate community of ballet supporters and donors. This is what we aim for through this crowdfunding initiative. Thank you for sharing our ideals and dreams. Thank you for becoming part of a bigger family that promotes the grace and beauty of the movement, supporting all involved in the process!